Monday, July 18, 2016

It's (Almost) Never Too Late to Plant a Garden!

I am ashamed to admit it but I almost didn't plant a garden this year! 

We didn't have any snow, and the winter temperatures here in Wichita, Kansas didn't feel much like winter at all. 

I told everyone that I wasn't going to grow a garden this year, because the bugs would be out of control due to the lack of a hard freeze. In truth, I was feeling a little tired and lazy. 

I expected the grass to take over the garden area by mid-April but the plots were just sitting there empty, waiting for me. 

A Facebook friend (one that I inspired to garden last year) said, "I'll bet your garden looks awesome!" 

I confidently informed him that I wasn't growing a garden this year.  I held fast through nearly the end of May. 

As my gardening friends on Facebook began to share their newly sprouted veggies, a sadness like none other washed over me.  I felt empty and depressed. After all, I am a gardener! I preach to other people about gardening! I'm the one that my friends seek out for gardening wisdom! What was I thinking? 

"But, what if it's too late to plant?" I thought to myself. 

After all, I usually have most everything in the ground between April 1st and 15th. 

I pondered for about twenty minutes and decided to throw caution to the wind! Using my saved seeds from last year's garden and some purchased tomato and pepper plants, I put in our garden in about two day's time. 

Definitely, the bugs are worse this year, but I'm so thankful that I planted anyway. These are just some of the fruits of my labor...

Gorgeous Custard Squash planted from last year's saved seeds

Honey Bee!

Cucumbers hanging off the trellis

This picture gives a perspective of how big the cucumber plants have grown

We were blessed with many volunteer plants this year!
Dave built a teepee for this wayward cucumber.

Beautiful volunteer tomato plant amongst the squash and marigolds

I'd love to hear about your garden experiences this year! Have you had better luck with planting early or late for your zone?

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