Thursday, July 7, 2016

Intro to Easy Food Saving

Would you like to have a pantry full of inexpensive and healthy foods? Does the thought of a freezer full of neatly sealed packages of meats and veggies make you excited? 

You CAN feed your family for much less - without clipping coupons, no buyer's clubs, and no gimmicky meal plans. I firmly believe you shouldn't have to pay someone to learn how to feed your family on a budget.  

I've had several friends who have asked me to share with them the things I do to store food for my family of eight. Since it isn't possible to spend time with everyone individually, I decided to make videos! This video is the first of a series in which I'll take you along with me to the grocery stores, share my food preservation techniques, and show you my pantry.
Please feel free to share with us the things that you do to preserve food for your family! 

P.S. This video is a bit longer than the following ones will be. I tried to make it short but felt the topics covered were important for those who haven't really considered building a serious food storage on the cheap.

Happy Food Saving and please remember to subscribe if you enjoyed this video! 

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  1. Looking forward to the series! I'm ready to stock nup and be prepared for anything life throws at us!

  2. Thank you Nicole! I can't wait to share the things that I am doing as well as learn from readers <3


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