Monday, March 9, 2015

DIY Comes to the Legal Field

As many of our readers may know, this blog is devoted to all things "Do It Yourself". I recently had the good fortune to visit with Chris Lucas, Founder and CEO of yurJURY. Chris graciously agreed to guest author an article on the DIY concept of legal services and how to settle a lawsuit yourself. You won't want to miss this post!  ~ Poppy

The DIY craze has finally caught up to the legal profession.
 The state’s BARS have fought the craze for decades.  Now, with  leading the way and with the latest decision by the US Supreme Court in FTC v North Carolina Dental Board, justice will be available to many more people at a much reduced price. 
LegalZoom allows ordinary people to create their own companies, prepare their own wills and trusts, trademark their own ideas, and the list goes on and on.  Before LegalZoom any one of these services would cost $1000’s of dollars in attorney’s fees alone.  The nasty secret among attorneys is that the documents your attorney will give you are in doing any of the above services will be “canned” documents and cannibalized from other prior attorneys.  They are essentially the same documents as those available through LegalZoom.  LegalZoom’s documents will cost you anywhere from $20 to $100.
What happens when you have an accident which is caused by another person’s negligence?  Until now, you would have either had to go it completely alone and put your trust in the hopes that the insurance company would be fair and treat you and their client equally or hire an attorney to negotiate the claim for you.  Either way you are destined to lose money and time, and be very frustrated in the process.
Today, you merely have to go to, and receive the necessary information to settle your case yourself.  You supply yurJURY with the facts of your case along with the damages you have incurred because of the accident by filling out a brief form.  yurJURY will have an online “jury of your peers” decide its value within one week.  You merely take yurJURY’s SIY (“Settle it Yourself”) package to the insurance company and settle it yourself.  You save attorneys fees of 33% or greater.  You save the time involved in taking the case through the courts including loss wages, deposition costs, court costs, investigation costs, etc.  You save the frustration of working with attorneys who leave you out of the representation and refuse to return your phone calls or answer your questions. You save your sanity.
DIY is a craze that will not go away.  It is here to stay because people can do it themselves.  The curtain has been pulled aside from many of these industries and professionals.  People can now see what has been hidden from them until now.  That is…in most cases, it is not brain surgery and us ordinary people are capable of doing it ourselves!!!

Chris Lucas, JD

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