Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Drastic Changes Coming Our Way - Surviving 2020 and Beyond

This year has been one heck of a ride so far. Not only have we been confronted with a global pandemic, strange weather patterns, and political unrest; our economy is feeling the pain of lost jobs, food shortages, and general instability.

It’s a time of great upheaval - leaving most of us feeling unprepared for what may come. Many of us have little, if any, money saved. Our modern lifestyle isn’t conducive to storing food. We make multiple trips to the grocery store each week or buy take-away meals on the drive home from work.

We have become a throw-away society, accustomed to simply buying new when something becomes broken or a little worn out. Most people lack the general skills to make small repairs to their home appliances and vehicles.

On top of our careless stewardship of our money, we are encouraged to give in to self-gratification. Easy payment plans, a constant barrage of advertising for the next, latest, greatest things, and the ever-present message on social media to accumulate more has given us a sense of entitlement. We are told that we must have the best of the best to be good enough.

We’ve become a slave to our things, putting in 60-hour work weeks to pay for what we are told that we can’t live without. Families are disconnected and marriages suffer.

To ease the guilt we feel over sacrificing time with our children and loved ones, we go to extremes to give them more things, effectively trapping us in a hamster-wheel of never ending spending and working too much.  

Faced with the harsh reality of food shortages, job losses, a global healthcare crisis, and civil unrest, we are living through a figurative super-storm. More than ever, we must return to our roots on both a personal level and a global level. 

If you haven't begun, now is the time to prepare for the worst case scenario. 

While I've always been fond of storing food, budget hacks, and DIY projects, I'm aware that my efforts need to become more than a hobby. I'll be focusing on the areas that I can control - food, household expenses, and energy savings.  

I would love to hear from other people who are concerned about the direction our world is heading. Let me know about the changes you've made due to the pandemic, financial state, or recent natural disasters. I truly value your knowledge and opinions.

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