Sunday, August 7, 2016

How to REALLY Remove Splat Hair Color (In About an Hour)

My eleven year old son wanted to dye his hair blue at the beginning of the summer, and since we are cool parents like that, we agreed. 

Little did I realize, it would be nearly impossible to completely remove the stain from his blond locks. I innocently thought that the dye would fade gracefully away over the summer. Oh, how wrong I was!  

Now that summer is nearly over and the school year is looming, he's decided to enter the sixth grade with "normal" looking hair. Since his hair hadn't faded completely, I knew that I'd have to use some sort of process to help remove the remaining stain. Naturally, I decided to consult the experts on YouTube! 

I found a ton of videos on removing Splat naturally. 

The most popular concoction seems to be a mixture (or variation of) crushed vitamin C tablets and dishwashing liquid. I'm all about natural so, with an open mind, I watched several how-to videos.

To my dismay, it seems that this method is only slightly effective at best and requires repeated applications (sometimes up to 20 times - at an hour each). Forget that!

Instead, I chose to use the over-the-counter versions of the products the professionals use - hair bleach to remove the color and hair color that most closely matched my son's natural shade. Watch this video to see how easy the process is to effectively remove Splat hair color in about an hour with minimal damage to your hair. Using bleach isn't a complicated technique but adult supervision should be utilized. As with any chemical, take time to read the package directions.

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