Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Make a Vintage Button Wind Chime

Creating a button wind chime is a charming way to use old buttons.  If you like to sew or if you are a pack-rat, you probably have an assortment of salvaged buttons just waiting for a project like this.  Making a button wind chime is easy and fun using items that you already have!

Most of the buttons I used for my project came from my grandmother.  I inherited her sewing machine and assorted sewing notions.  She passed away twelve years ago and I've held onto everything.  I'm always on the lookout for unique ways to repurpose Grandma's things. 

Grandma always stocked up when she found a good deal.

The buttons that I used for my wind chime came from this collection of salvaged buttons that my grandmother saved from her worn out garments.

I decided to use fishing line to string the buttons and sinkers to weight them down.

I had leftover crafting wire from a Christmas project that I used to craft the top of my wind chime.  A canning jar ring made a fine hoop to attach the strands of buttons to.

Pay attention to the warning on the sinker package!  I wouldn't handle lead if I were pregnant, nor would I let a child handle it.

I made several knots just to be extra sure the sinker wouldn't slip off.

I made my wind chime with seven strands of various lengths. Fasten them to the ring being sure to secure well.  I wrapped my strands around the ring several times before I tied the knots.  Be sure to leave enough excess line to make several knots on each line.

Use your imagination when stringing your buttons.  It's okay if the buttons touch.  Your wind chime will make more noise that way!

Also, add beads and any other items you have on hand to make your wind chime more interesting. 

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! I have been really wanting to find good wind chimes for sale... I'm not crafty enough to make them myself.

  2. These look pretty cool. I'm sure my wife would love to make some of these. She has found some wind chimes for sale online, but I think she would like to make them herself.

  3. That turned out great. I have plenty of buttons I could use to make a wind chime. I hope it turns out as well as yours did.
    Bill | http://www.majorcollectables.com/default.asp?dept_id=30090

  4. I really love how unique and different this wind chime is. It seems like the wind chime would be easy enough for children to do. I think I will try this wind chime with my kindergarteners. http://www.nildagifts.com/listing.asp?dept_id=30090&nopopup=1

  5. These wind chimes are very cute. My daughter loves to do activities like this so i will do this with her! Oh and thanks for the warning about the sinkers. I will do that part and help my daughter on the rest.


  6. This would be an awesome project. I love wind chimes. When I was a kid, I would watch them and listen to them on my great-grandma's porch for hours. I think it would be awesome for my kids to have that same kind of experience in their lives. If I can make some wind chimes, it could make the whole experience even more special.

  7. Hi there. This is a great idea to use the "way too many" buttons I have. I am wondering one thing - does it actually make a sound? I'm thinking it probably click clacks...and doesn't ting a ling! I know that sounds silly... but I'd like to know!

    1. I'm terrible with catching comments lately! My apologies! It makes a lovely "sea shell" sound! Some of the buttons are plastic, but others are glass, bone, and shell. The sound isn't "big" but it's really peaceful <3


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