Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fun Painting Project for Kids of All Ages

If you are searching for creative ideas to keep your children busy this summer look to nature for inspiration! 

We gathered flowers, grass that had gone to seed, weeds, and shrub branches with cool shapes.  We also used craft feathers donated by one of our daycare parents, but you could find feathers in your yard.  Just remember to wash them before letting the children handle them.

We used activity paint by Colorations - it is an all purpose finger paint, poster paint, etc.  You can buy it here Colorations Activity Paints 16 oz. - Set of 9.  Just squirt a small amount into containers big enough to dip your "paint brushes" into.

Let your children get creative!

For more ideas check out this nifty book!

Feathers make awesome grass!

Even the baby created a beautiful painting!

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