Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Garden Update ~ June 2012

~ Panoramic view of garden ~
(As you can see, the weeds are growing almost as well as the vegetables)
If you are wondering how well "plot" style planting works,
take a look at some of the produce we've harvested so far!

Our deep freezer (so far!)

Five gallon bucket of Swiss Chard ~ This is
one of many so far this year!

Glorious Green Beans!

Cool Cucumbers!

Truck loads of Summer and Winter Squash!

The beginnings of what I hope to be a big
tomato crop this year!

As "Baby Poppy" says, "Yay Garden!!!!"

We feel really fortunate this year! Even with the weeds

and the distractions, we are blessed with so much food!
I'd love to hear how your garden is growing!



  1. What a great garden! It just keeps on giving! It's a good feeling to know your freezer is full. Love the pictures of the kiddies!


    1. Thanks Jane! It really is a great feeling to have a food store! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Fantastic harvests. Love the neat stacks in the freezer. Congrats!!

  3. Looks like your having a fantastic year with your garden!!! Yeah!!! We have been pleased as well. Finally had a good year with cucumbers. Lots of dill pickles :O)! I am canning and dehydrating daily! woowhooo. I don't freeze much though I did freeze and dehydrate 30 lbs of Vidalia onions, I buy those in bulk when they are in sesaon, as I am the worst onion grower around LOL. I just love those and they are only out for a short time about two months. So I froze up those for cooking with :O). Also canned our favorite salad dressing Vidalia Onion.

  4. So glad to see your garden is doing so well and your freezer is filling up with nutritious, delicious food! Some of the rest of us scattered across the country seem to be fighting Mother Nature (and garden insects!) but still hope to get some good stuff from the garden. So much fun to see how other gardens are doing!

  5. Wow! you are one busy girl. My tomatoes are not ripe yet, but I too should have a bunch this year. You certainly have a well stocked freezer so far.

  6. Your garden is producing so amazingly well. I am hoping mine will perk up again after the few rains we have had! Nancy


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